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The reasons I give are very simple. The evolution of life on earth, or human society, is a one-only historical process. We reserve the right to assume that such a process takes place in accordance with all laws of cause and effect, such as the laws of mechanics, chemistry, laws of genetics and dissociation, laws of selection. nature. Brick and mordy. The description of evolution, however, is not a law but only a historical statement of special recognition. Universal laws make assertions concerning certain immutable orders, as Huxley said, that is related to all processes of a certain genre; and although there is no reason to observe an individual case does not make us state a universal law, or there is no reason to prevent us from reaching the truth if we are lucky, It is clear that any law, whether given in that way or any other way, must be tested on new cases before being seriously considered by science.

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But we cannot hope to test a universal hypothesis nor find a natural law that science accepts once we are limited to observation or to a single historical process. Observing a single historical process does not help us predict its future development. 

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