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Six michigan in 2016 with Biden Know Your Parasites Shirt. Michigan will complete its boat . Soon, maybe as early as today. I feel very good about . Pennsylvania. Virtually, all of . The remaining balance to be . Counted were cast by mail, and . We have been winning 78% of the . Votes by mail in pennsylvania. We flipped arizona and the . Second district of nebraska. Of special significance to me . Is that we have won with the . Majority of the american people. , and every indication is that . The majority will grow. We have . A popular vote lead of nearly 3 . Million votes and every . Indication that will grow as . Well. Indeed, senator harris and i .
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Are on track to win more votes . Than any ticket in the history . Of this country that ever won . The presidency and vice . Presidency, over 70 million . Votes. I am very proud of our campaign . Only three presidential . Campaigns in the past have . Defeated an incumbent president. When it is finished, god . Willing, we will be the fourth. This is a major achievement. This is a major achievement. It has been a long and . Difficult campaign, but it has . Been a more difficult time for . Our country, a hard time. We have had a hard campaign . Before. We faced hard times before, so . Once this election is finalized . And behind us, it will be time . For us to do what we have . Always done as americans, to . Put the harsh rhetoric of the . Campaign behind us, to lower . The temperature, to see each . Other again, to listen to one . Another, to hear each other . Again, and respect and care for . One another, to unite, to heal, . To come together as a nation. I . Know this won't be easy. I'm not nacve, neither of us . Are. I know how deep and hard the . Opposing views are in our . Country on so many things, but . I also know this as well, to . Make progress, we have to stop . Treating our opponents as . Enemies. We are not enemies. What brings us together as . Americans is so much stronger . Than anything that can tear us . Apart, so let me be clear, we . Are campaigning as democrats, . But i will govern as an . American president. The presidency itself is not a . Partisan institution. It is the . One office in this nation that . Represents everyone. It demands . A duty of care for all americans. And that is precisely what i . Will do. I will work as hard for those . Who did not vote for me as i . Will for those who did vote for . Me. Now, every vote must be . Counted. No one is going to . Take our democracy away from us . Not now, not ever. America has come too far. America has far too many . Battles. America has endured too much to . Ever let that happen. We, the . People, will not be silenced. We, the people, will not be . Bullied. We, the people, will . Not surrender. My friends, i am . Confident we will emerge . Victorious, but this will not be. My victory alone or our victory . Alone. It will be a victory for the . American people, for our . Democracy for america, and . There will be no blue states . And red states when we went  . Joe biden wear Teechip - Biden Know Your Parasites Shirt, just the . United states of america. . God bless you all, and may god .

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