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The French Revolution once declared complete economic freedom. But what happened? The State has just announced the termination of control is an immediate crisis in the field of payment, there is no law on bankruptcy, no one to protect labels of goods. Ballet crystal dress poster. In other words, there was an economic turmoil. So one of the first decrees of Napoleon was to restore the state's protection of citizens' rights to freedom of economic activities within a certain legal framework. He was immediately popular and supported by merchants and financial capital. We will examine the differences between the two types of state mentioned above. It must be said immediately that in most developed democratic countries, there are two forms of ownership: state and private.

Ballet crystal dress poster

Major industries and vital sectors such as transport, energy, telecommunications, education and a few other sectors are either state property or state funded. Social democracy is often understood as the state's broad participation in the regulation of industry and market relations, ensuring housing, employment, education, transportation, and medical treatment for people. people. The state is also involved in the distribution of national resources. 

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