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You will receive your order within 12-15 business days
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Protection from Evil | Kabbalah Amulet | Sacred Name Of God inside King Solomon's Seal | Laser Engraved 18K Gold Plated

Kabbalah is not a religion, Kabbalah is an Ancient Spiritual Wisdom.

The Zohar ((kabbalah sacred book) IS NOT a Religious Text ! it is NOT about Judaism or Christianity.

The Zohar Decodes the Bible Esoteric Dimension to Guide us in our Spiritual Journey, helping us attain the Greater Levels of Connectedness with God.

 The 72 Names of God according to the ZOHAR are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies. By simply looking at the letters, you can connect with these frequencies.

| א.ל.ד |  The Zohar Sacred Name of God

Hebrew Letters: Alef, Lamed, Dalet

Function: Protection from the Evil Eye - Guarding and Protecting from Bad luck, misfortune, or illness.

Meaning: "Please teach me your religion”

Hebrew: "אנה למדני דתך" - א.ל.ד   


King Solomon's Seal: Symbolizes the harmony of opposites and reflects the cosmic order.

Ariana Grande’s Protection from Evil Tatto 

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