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Taja is not just a verbal abuse; but it may be unkind words, sarcasm, pride, pride. Adopt This Jedi shirt. All are evil words. By always considering oneself, one can eliminate them, to purify the mind. Right speech means not lying, not talking behind people, not saying evil words or swearing at people, not whining, not talking in vain, not inciting one person to oppose others. Unless we have a special linguistic gift, we need to be able to improve our speech effectively, without any unpleasant things, otherwise, if we don't understand the teachings. Buddha's words. These teachings of the Buddha are very important for all of us. It is very strange that many people do not love themselves. Perhaps they think that loving themselves is the easiest thing to do in this world, because everyone takes care of themselves first. Indeed, whenever we are not worried about how much we have, how our work is, our health. The Buddha said, "Self-righteousness." So why do we say here that it is difficult to love ourselves? Knowing to love us does not mean being easy to be with oneself.

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Their own temperament, each of us has a lot of personality, there is a love, there is a hatred that needs to be let go, but when we consider ourselves, we are content with things good things, and hide the bad.

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