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We’re Not Your Average Print on Demand Jewelry Company…

With over 40 years of jewelry expertise, we know exactly what it takes for our sellers to find success in this highly profitable market.

We’re backed by Bergio, one of the most coveted brands in fine jewelry. Making us the only POD company to own our own jewelry manufacturing - two to be exact!

Not only does this allow us to offer low base costs for larger margins, but we also ship all products from the USA for quick delivery.

Our collection of precious jewelry boasts beautiful craftsmanship, quality metals and stunning designs that your customers will love.

Here's Why You'll Love Selling Jewelry with Gearbubble

Hassle-Free & Risk-Free Start-Up

You won’t need to pay expensive upfront costs, including inventory. We take care of complicated logistics so you can get started risk-free.

Wide Collection of Jewelry Pieces

With a wide collection of different pieces, you can easily scale your business to a number of markets. Plus, we’re always releasing new pieces that will keep you ahead of the competition.

High Profit Margins with Every Sale

We offer high-quality precious jewelry pieces at low costs to maximize your earning potential.

Handcrafted from High-Quality Metals & Designed by Expert Jewelers

Our jewelry pieces are designed by expert jewelers. Then handcrafted from .925 sterling silver & triple plated with 14k gold, rhodium or rose gold.

Fast Shipping

Our jewelry pieces are shipped from the USA for fast delivery.

Custom Branding Feature

Easily brand your jewelry line to establish your business & attract return customers for long-term success.


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How Incredible is Gearbubble Jewelry?

Here’s What Our Sellers Have to Say…

Just a little piece of inspiration, I am now getting an average of 1-2 sales per day of the new Gearbubble jewelry…during what would be the slowest season! One of my Amazon listings is just taking off and getting sales, so that’s exciting to see!

Adam S.


I’ve been scaling with Gearbubble jewelry and I’ve been hitting $400-$500 a day! I’m sending more stock over the weekend to try to get to $1000/day by next week.

Edgar G.


HOLY COW!! One day into my first test campaign and I have a sale!!

Katrina F.


Joining Gearbubble was the best decision ever. For the last three years I have been jumping between trainings trying to get print-on-demand to work and finally I am seeing success.

Rob C.


I had a great day yesterday! Sold 8 necklaces. And my second best seller just sold out!

Geri R.


I’m thrilled! I just ordered my FBA Gearbubble jewelry. 7 sales in 4 days from advertised listings! Oh and I just started testing a few weeks ago. So excited! Thank you!

Kip P.


How It Works

You'll start making sales quickly thanks to our
hassle-free selling process.

Pick Your Jewelry Design

Select a jewelry piece from our wide range of designs.

Customize Your Product

Customize the message card included with each jewelry piece and your buyers will love the thoughtful touch.

Launch Your Product & Business

Whether you want to use our high-converting landing pages, your Shopify store or popular online marketplaces, you can list products & start selling in minutes!

We Quickly Fulfill & Ship Each Order to Your Customer

Our team quickly fulfills and ships every order directly to your customer.

Enjoy All the Profits Rolling In

Thanks to our competitive margins, you can enjoy watching your earnings roll in while our team takes care of the logistics.

Sell Jewelry with Incredible Profit Potential

We are proud to offer you stunning jewelry options with incredible profit potential.
Giving you the opportunity to grow your business with sales like this:

Sunflower Bracelet - Triple-Plated with Rhodium (8x More Valuable than Gold)

  • Base Cost $13.95
  • Avg Retail Price $54.95
  • Profit Margin $41.00

Love Knot Silver Necklace - Triple-Plated with Rhodium (8x More Valuable than Gold)

  • Base Cost $11.95
  • Avg Retail Price $54.95
  • Profit Margin $43.00

Men's Leather Bracelet - Made with Vegan Leather

  • Base Cost $11.45
  • Avg Retail Price $34.99
  • Profit Margin $23.54

Cross Dancing Necklace - Triple-Plated with Rhodium (8x More Valuable than Gold)

  • Base Cost $14.95
  • Avg Retail Price $54.95
  • Profit Margin $40.00

We Play Nice With Other Platforms

Selling with Gearbubble couldn’t be easier thanks to our seamless
integrations with the leading online marketplaces and platforms.

We Make it Easy to Successfully Grow Your Jewelry Business

Gearbubble was created by expert print-on-demand marketers & a world-class development team. We know exactly what it takes to successfully sell print-on-demand products.

To set you up for success, we’ve put together this special invite so we can help you navigate any potential obstacles & grow your jewelry business with ease.

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